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mouthpiece Justin Quinrell Dewi Lewis Publishing *口の中に仕込んだピンホールカメラから撮影された

Pinhole Photography - Justin Quinell

Justin Quinell mouth camera pinhole photography

Awfulogrammes: pinhole camera enthusiast Justin Quinell has developed a startling new portrait technique...

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Incredible Aerial Photography Blends Thousands of Images From Above

What is it like to be on top of the world, looking down on creation? We’d imagine it would be something like this arial photography project by Katrin Korfmann:

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Dark and Modern: The Beautiful Photos of Ray K. Metzker

These fascinating, bold, and inventive photographs by Ray K. Metzker absolutely dazzle us. See more of his incredible work here:

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Our 11 Favorite Photography Shows of 2012

Here’s one last look at some of the shows in 2012 that are still stuck in our heads:

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How To Look at Your Life in Double-Exposures

Photographer Tierney Gearon’s double-exposed images play upon themes of chance, controversy, and self-exploration.

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Dr. Seuss-Style Surreal Photography

Are these photos real, or are we dreaming? Here’s a glimpse of the incredible infrared photographs taken by photographer David Keochkerian. More photos HERE: