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Rich, loud color combination that draws attention and fascinates. Bright colors cheer up, provoke surge of emotions and energy, make people act actively. S.



自然の色に学ぼう。北欧風のリビングを作る6つの色の組み合わせ もっと見る

bright green, bright light green, color of green, color of green leaves, dark green, deep green, light green, pale green, shades of green.



ブランドや会社などを設立するときに参考にしたい、20種類の配色カラーパレットを今回はまとめてご紹介します。 もっと見る

blush cup (object) Color Palette - Paint Inspiration- Paint Colors- Paint Palette- Color- Design Inspiration

Freshness of sea water colour suits best bathroom. Mustard and emerald harmoniously complement each other in this palette. A similar colour solution is sui.