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Great Britain Scott 1449-1450 MNH complete set - Columbus - bidStart (item 42275742 in Stamps... Commemorative)

13996 - Framed Postage Stamp Art - Pinocchio - Disney - Japan - Movies and Entertainment

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Sleep is for the weak;) im going through it now-- yeah, sorry I was writing something, still am.

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Also there is a rule which we all thought was stupid so we didnt do it. It was if someone tries to tell as certain person to target someone else or lay down a certain card they have to pick up 2, but that kind of kills the fun of the game with alliances and targeting specific people so we didnt do that. It was funny though cause James pointed that rule out when Jonah was trying to get Isaiah to do something and Jonah had quietly kept that rule to himself We thought James was kidding but he…

This kid knows how to handle life-- :)

I'm pretend I'm a carrot