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This is what happens when you pause Robbie Kay when he's in the middle of telling someone off

Peter Pan ~ Once Upon a Time

Robbie Kay and His Girlfriend | Robbie Kay as Peter Pan and how ridiculously good he is at playing his ...

I'm not going to be able to cope... not with #outlawqueen at stake!!!! and freakin FROZEN coming!

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ok my friend told me "why are you absesing over peter pan still he is a creepy old man thats died" i saped her and said "i pretend hes not a creepy old man just a really hot bad guy and he is not died!" then i cryed oh her shoulder saying he isnt died as people walked past ower table thinking i was crazy :) a normal day for me

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Wendy & Peter Pan

Pan and his many facial expressions

Behind the scenes of 2x11 Once Upon a Time. (Mulan scene) Green screen.