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Allard J2 1950-1952. FACT: Both Zora Duntov (the father of the Corvette) and Carroll Shelby (the father of the Cobra) raced J2's in the early 50's

1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS Sport Coupe & Corvette Sting Ray it doesn't get much better

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Allard J2 1950-1952

Allard J2X 1952. FACT: In an attempt to improve handling, the front suspension's rear attaching links were redesigned with forward ones, which required extending the nose out past the front wheels. This, in turn, allowed the engine to be moved forward, yielding more cockpit room.

J2 Allard 1950-1952

Allard J2-X Roadster • 1952

1963 Chevrolet Corvette, Nova, Corvair and Impala. I owned the Nova. My first boyfriend owned the Impala.

A video of us at Corvette Specialty of California in Riverside California

1969 "Black Killer Shark" Corvette Roadster. Awesome American Muscle Car!