Pauline Bjorgman ( Daughter of kristanna )

this is Cassandra. She is 14, her parents died in a car accident, and she was put up for adoption the same day. She is looking for a good home where she will be loved and cared for. Please adopt!

King Adgar, Queen Idun, and Princesses Elsa and Anna


These are twins both age 16 They can both drive but with an adult because they only have a permit! The first one on the left is Xialou you pronounce it (zia Lou). She goes bye Xi (zi). She wants to be a waitress and she loves Legos and beanie boos and kids! Next is Kacey. She is shy but loves to be online! She is cool once u know her. She loves collecting vintage items as well as clothes. They are both sweet and well behaved.

Drawing of Frozen Fever

This is Lucy. She is 10 and loves fashion. She has no powers. She was abused by her parents and ran away. She isn't the brightest, and she is bullied a bit. She needs a family asap and needs a caring, loving home. Adopted by @anniecarmack

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Pauline Bjorgman ( Daughter Of kristanna )

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