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ガッチャマン クラウズ on

"Thank you for coming you were everybody to AnimeJapan 2015! The photograph is a group photo of yesterday's stage events. To enjoy the still out follow-up to until the broadcast of Insight!" #GATCHAMANCrowds #Clouse

伊藤健太郎@劇団K-Show on

Seiyuu cast of Yowamushi Pedal's team Sohoku at AnimeJapan 2015 ~ (^ O ^) #yowapeda

中川翔子@10周年ありがとう on

Sailor Moon seiyuu cast | Everyone of the cast after the recording and is set commemorative photo! Rice meeting also! Full laughing or is it delicious and inspiring! The favorite Mitsuishi Kotono's, of sailor warrior everyone, friendly! Thank you very much! (2015)

USEN C26ch on

Namikawa Daisuke - Music Usen broadcast (Jan 2015)

TerraFormars seiyuu cast April 5, 2015

Yuu Asakawa/浅川悠 on

Beautiful Yuu Asakawa: "Finishing up my new photo cards! Don't miss ur chance to purchase at my autograph #AniRevo2015 @AnimeRevCanada" ♥

Neo Romance 20th Anniversary Finale - Kenyuu Horiuchi with Show Hayami -- who actually looks like Aizen lol! ♥ (Dec 2015)

アニメイトタイムズ公式 on

Eguchi Takuya-san and Ryota Osaka for "NTV anime recital 2015" report at AnimeJapan 2015 …

「森久保×浪川 つまみは塩だけ」公式 on

"Morikubo Shotaro × Namikawa Daisuke knob only salt "event" Feast in Tokyo", finally this weekend July 12th, 2015 held! Morikubo Showtaro & Namikawa Daisuke, let's spend a fun adult time! #namidai

野島健児@Betweenthelines on

"昨日のイベントたのしかたー 遊佐浩二さん置鮎龍太郎さんと写真撮ったよ まさかの料理コーナーも爆笑でした 失敗だけど調整したら美味しかった" | "Wonderful events yesterday ー yusa Koji Mr. Ryutaro Okiayu and pictures I took some good rainy day cooking corner was lol fail I'm adjusting". Posted by Nojima Kenji (Apr 2015)