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Root golems are rare entities found only in topic climates, especially swamps. There are two ways a root golem can come into being. One is if a nature spirit deems it fit to cloak itself in roots and vines and muck. But an easier, less painful choice is to find a host, and possess vines, roots and muck to gather around their body. In return for form and shelter, the spirit will grant its host a variety of abilities, such as regeneration and vegetation manipulation.


Современное цифровое художество / Творчество

Современное цифровое художество / Творчество /

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Fenric Gore-Claw

Berserkers may have been the predecessor to werewolves because the fighters wore pelts into battle and fought like fierce animals.

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Think it's called a windigo or something

★5 キュクロプスの画像

Is your character teeny-tiny? Someone could try to pick him or her up. //Rock Golem by gerezon