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アガパンサス すかし百合 えんこう杉 がくあじさい

Ikebana by Toshiro Kawase incredible ikebana its amazing if you take 3 classes it will change the way you do flowers unless your british in which case, stick with the wild heather hanging thing, but this is such a beautiful art form i learned and im ok at it.. x c

Ikebana by Mario HIRAMA, Japan

一花一葉 by アツシ One Flower One Leaf by Atsushi  日本の心

So beautiful !! 華道御室流 松韻亭:じねん社長日記

Ikebana 生け花「背くらべ」




いけばな専慶流 様式と花型

2009年06月 : 一花一葉 by アツシ