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榛名改二 / Artist:

Amatsukaze giving off a tsundere vibe. [Kantai Collection] - Checkout more news on

The difference between Furries and Anthros. A Furry is basically an animal that can stand on two legs,can speak,and has a fairly human body structure. Anthros are basically humans with ears and a tail. Making this cutie an Anthro.

Varias linhas curvas dando fluidez e a posição diagonal da personagem da a impressão que ela está em movimento. As formas arredondadas dão enfase na feminilidade. Essa combinação passa uma ideia de instabilidade.

和服少女 / Artist:

Hi!!! I'm Carlie I'm 12! I'm super excited and I like cats!! No not like LOVE! I'm also a great photographer and I like to take pictures of almost everything!!! It's so fun!! Did I mention I like cats? -giggles and waves-


真姫誕」/「ののの」の漫画 [pixiv]

Maki looks so kawaii in this pic!! | Love Live! School Idol Project

animecorecollection: Kurehasan by Chendelieu