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Got a funnel out of this one. Got video of the funnel but the thing you see is a scud. Outside Fort Cobb, OK 3.35.15.


Top 10 Weather Photographs: 3/27/2015 "Oklahoma Storms Return With a Vengeance" – Oklahoma storms today.

I shot this on a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina 3 years ago. I could never get a definitive answer as to what this is...downdraft, formation of a tornado, collapsing cloud? We had gotten Tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings throughout that day.

5/10/14 Severy, Kansas Low-Precipitation Supercell. This was the second low-precipitation supercell of that day, which shortly after taking this photo, produced a brief rope tornado right before the sun set. Best structure I have personally seen in my six years of chasing.

Waterspout - saw one of these on a cruise that required us to move into Cuban was scary!

Twisting Twins / Honolulu, Hawaii

Today in Bristow, OK before the Sand Springs, OK tornado.

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