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敦煌莫高窟 63窟

An Indian representation of Mahadevi, the Hindu Great Goddess, c.1725; she holds an array of weapons; her third eye and crescent moon in her hair link her symbolically with Shiva; she stands on a lotus flower, a symbol of purity and sanctity. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

本望は「流浪の画家」、の隆くん: 〇高野山の至宝「国宝・阿弥陀聖衆来迎図」

Uyghur Dutar and Daf Duet painting from the "Art of Music"

平成丁亥謹賀新年 -


本望は「流浪の画家」、の隆くん: 〇高野山の至宝「国宝・阿弥陀聖衆来迎図」

十二美人圖。雍親王題書堂深居圖屏『倚門觀竹』,1709-1723。"The Twelve Beauties," "Twelve Concubines of the Emperor Yongzheng"#2

陶彩画 普賢菩薩は大乗仏教における崇拝の対象である菩薩の一尊です。世界に仏の慈悲と理知を顕して人々を救う賢者を意味しています。密教では菩提心の象徴となっています。陶彩画(陶板画)は陶板に普賢菩薩を描いた絵画と言えます。

Chauvet Cave Paintings Gallery Discovered on December 18, 1994, it is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites. A study published in 2012 supports placing the art in the Aurignacian period, approximately 30,000–32,000 years ago.