A wesekh, the typical broad collar of the Egyptians. This item is made out of faience beads.

An Egyptian faience bead necklace, Ptolemaic Period to Roman Period, circa 100 BC-100 AD. Starting bid $1,200.

Egyptian God we

Collar of blue and black faience,Egyptian. Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, 1981 - 1802 BC. Found in Middle Egypt, Meir, Tomb of Hapi Akhtifi Source: The Metropolitan Museum

Ethiopian Opal Necklace

Ancient Egypt: Death and the Afterlife - Blue beaded necklace. Ancient Egyptian jewelry was often made out of beads. Blue was a commonly used color.

Kyoto, Japan; 1960

Broad collar Egyptian necklace from the 12th dynasty

Dissolve half silver ring

Roman Egypt Mummy Painting, thought to have been made during life in anticipation . . .

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