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Roman War God Mars 3rd Century CE

Marble statue of a helmed hoplite (5th century BC), maybe Leonidas, Sparta, Archæological Museum of Sparta, Greece.

Tyr (Tiw) by Thorskegga Thorn

Satyr on gold roundel Roman 1st century CE

Yuki-Onne (Japanese.) A Goddess of death who chills into numbness those who will die, making their death peaceful. She cuts the cord at life’s end.

Cabeza de terracota de Dionysos (siglo I A.C.), el griego.

Dreaming of Wonderland.

Mosaic of a satyr and nymph found in a bedroom of the House of the Faun in Pompeii Roman 1st century BCE - 1st century CE

Marble stele (grave marker) of a youth and little girl with capital and finial in the form of a sphinx. Greek, Attic, Archaic, ca. 530 BC.

Roman Circus - Chariot racing in ancient Rome