Pinterest • 世界中のおしゃれアイデアまとめ

This Art Scavenger Hunt list is a brilliant way to get kids familiar with luminaries of art history, the genres their works belong to and an appreciation for the emotions and ideas that art can evoke.

I could annoy a lot of students with these...

illusion box - make a homage to an artwork that uses perspective in the form of a 3D box yr 9-10

Chronological Art Lessons for Art History

Typographic Illustration- Cut text portrait collage

self portraits in a box full lesson plan - will adapt for own lesson yr 9-10

Parody of the Mona Lisa

What a great thing to have for kids that might need a break or who are done. Have seen this in High Schools with Crossword puzzles.

Christian Tagliavini, inspired by Renaissance masters, notably Agnolo di Cosimo, took 13 months to create each paper costume item from patterning to the final construction.

Turn a famous painting into a 3-D tunnel book- To reinforce foreground/middle ground/back ground - would do with yr 8