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죽: Juk - Porridge

Pressure Cooker Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook)

1 min to prep this 4-ingredient pressure cooker congee. Thick & creamy rice porridge is mild and easy to digest. Perfect comfort food for cold or sick days.

Gustand deliciile japoneze mult dorite :)

Korean side dishes to eat with rice during Korean meal

Japanese rice porridge, Okayu お粥

128 Learn Korean Hangul Rice Porridge

Entertaining| Party Menu- Japanese Food-Japanese dishes

Recipe: Korean rice cakes soup with leeks + mandu

Inaniwa Udon, thin noodles from Akita, Japan 稲庭うどん

If you are ever sick, and your stomach can't handle the spicy nature of Korean food, I recommend Bonjuk (본죽) a Korean rice porridge restaurant. This restaurant is one of the most famous chains in Korea and is located everywhere. With that said, there seems to be a lack of consistency amongst the chain. The one near Korea University Anam Station exit 4 do a u-turn and on the corner is good, so is the Sinchon branch one.