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Egyptian God Horus. Also share s the same bday as Jesus also born of a virgin as well as many other similarities attributed to Jesus. One of many in fact to perpetuate the same Jesus story



ツタンカーメンの墓に隠し部屋か | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

Agricultural scene of Slaves from the tomb of Nakht, 18th Dynasty Thebes

Tomb of Maia; Egypt; Archaeology;New Kingdom; Saqqara, Amarna period, art


An Ancient Egyptian Show That’s Low on Bling but High on Beauty

古埃及表明,對美容低的金光閃閃,但高 - 紐約時報

ヒエログリフ ・ Egyptian hieroglyphs ・ 埃及象形文字(聖書體) : 日本へお嫁に来ちゃった!! 我居然嫁到日本来了。

【出エジプト記 出埃及記 Exodus】 雹の災い