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What to Prune When

When to prune everything....a good guide to keep handy.

A Gardener's Checklist for Early Spring: Info on Pruning, Starting Seeds/Bulbs, Dividing Perennials, Creating Colorful Spring Containers, Soil Testing, Planting Trees the Right Way, How to Plan A Vegetable Garden, etc.

HYDRANGEAS… Remember to do this in late July or August…to root branches and grow more hydrangeas!

My kids would love this in the garden

Pruning roses

How to prune a rose

mini bonsai

Gardening Tomatoes Organically – The Guide (hey, they didn't add "maimed by lawn mower to this handy guide...)

Black spot on ROSES? Try Milk Water recipe: 1 part milk and 2 parts water, spray weekly the top & bottom of leaves. Remember to spray the healthy ones too.

Companion Planting: Plant this alongside that for a better garden.

The Top 5 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds in the Garden