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The backbone of the Roman army that led to an empire that was unrivaled in terms of size and power. They were usually heavy infantry with armor and a shield modeled after the ancient Greeks. They were masters of the sword and spear combination going along with a shield. They were made up of the wealthiest soldiers that could afford to make the best weapons and armor. They were disciplined, well-armed, and had great strategy which lasted beyond their empire.

Roman legions standards

Ancient Rome Military History | ancient roman siege weapons: hebrustan

Roman arms and armor: Top row (from left to right): general's armor, shields (three of them), armor with badges of honor. Bottom row (from left to right): fasces, legion's standard and trumpet, foot covering, general's helmet, sacrifical ax, finger ring (two of them), legion's standard (three of them), sword, hammer, ax, sling, sacrifical knife, knife, sacrifical axe, sword

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A Roman Lion Handle, ca 2nd century AD

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Caractacus before the Roman emperor Claudius

Roman tesserarius, I cent. AD.

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Shield of the Praetorian Guard