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Panther Chameleon Care Sheet

Male four-horned chameleons (Chamaeleo quadricornis) have between two and six horns and can reach up to 40 cm in length. Also known as Cameroon bearded chameleons, they are found in the mountainous forests of Cameroon and Nigeria feeding on large insects, such as moths and butterflies

Red-back Cobalt blue UROMASTYX

My Blue Chameleon - Imgur

This is the most chunky little guy I've seen so far. What is he eating??

Blue Chameleon

"Scientists always assumed that chameleons changed their appearance by making different colours flowed through their skin, but the reptiles actually have a much smarter method. They rapidly rearrange tiny crystals in their skin so that they reflect different wavelengths of light... ...Essentially, the crystals act as a selective mirror..."

Angels come in every shape and size...

giant water monitor/Hanging on like a big big baby.....never thought I'd say a water monitor lizard is cute!!!