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Namo Amiđà Phật .

GAUTUMA BUDDHA LIFE: Born in the garden of Lumbini, his childhood locked inside the palace compounds, how he was prevented from seeing and experiencing any kind of pain or suffering of outside world, the day he ventured beyond the castle walls and came across sorrow, pain, death and those suffering - he saw beggar, a cripple, a corpse and a holy man - which affected the prince deeply, the night he escaped the walls of the palace, when all were asleep and began the life of wandering ascetic…

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a style of Buddha with a naga over His head

Avalokiteshvara, bodhisattva of compassion (one of the original disciples of the Buddha--the male antecedent to Kwan Yin)

“So too, friends, even though a noble disciple has abandoned the five lower fetters, still, in relation to the five aggregates subject to clinging, there lingers in him a residual conceit ‘I am,’ a desire ‘I am,’ an underlying tendency ‘I am’ that has not yet been uprooted … As he dwells thus contemplating rise and fall in the five aggregates subject to clinging, the residual conceit ‘I am,’ the desire ‘I am,’ the underlying tendency ‘I am’ that had not yet been uprooted — this comes to be…


Shakyamuni Buddha


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