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Love the Historic Firearms

Beretta CX4 Storm!! Carbine that shoots handgun rounds! Have a 9mm pistol and interested in a rifle for your arsenal? This bad boy shoots the same rounds your 9mm handgun shoots so you don't need to stock additional types of ammo!!

Best hand gun i have ever owned! Sig Sauer P226 TACOPS 9mm 20rd

*SNEAK PEEK* at what's inside the Combat Handguns November issue...BROWNING HI-POWER STANDARD 9mm: Age and elegance that continues to stand the test of time! If you 'LIKE' this pin, please share it.

Love My S firearms

Between about 1880 and 1905, Tiffany Co. embellished a series of deluxe handguns for the nation's leading firearms manufacturers, notably Colt, Winchester, and, most important, Smith Wesson.

Sharps Model 1877 - The Sharps Model 1877 rifle received an unusual nickname – “the English Sharps.” Why? Something that may be hard to believe about this “Old Reliable” is that the barrel was actually crafted by Rigby in England. While only about 100 M1877 Sharps were to be manufactured, the elegant lines of this single-shot and its excellent balance for long-range shooting made it the ne plus ultra of Creedmoor competition. At the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia