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'The Hh Toyota Dream Car' by Chin Cheng Tat, Aged 8, Malaysia: 4th Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

Get the Felt Tips Out - Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Fancy designing your own car, Toyota is inviting entries for the UK round of its Ninth Annual Dream Car Art Contest. The competition always sees a rich mixture of colourful creativity and ground-breaking ideas. Creative ideas like edible chocolate seats, engines that run on recycled rubbish, flying machines that can also sail as well as run on ordinary roads, be creative as you can. #toyota #art #cardesign #draw

'Toyota Car Leveraging Safety Technology' by Jessica Wongsodiharjo, Aged 12, Indonesia: 4th Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

100間違いました,テストの答え,グローバル子供,Wrong Test,Answers Written,11 Global,Purposely Wrong,21 Test,Kids 11

'Oxy-Car' by Naddhaphatra Busarakum, Aged 15, Thailand: 4th Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

'Toyota Car Making the World Green' by Tassya Adrianto , Age 14, Indonesia: 4th contest, Gold #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

'Turning Desert into Green Toyota Car' by Xiao Pei Yuan, Aged 9, China: 4th Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

'Toyota Eagle Car' by Juan Edwin, Age 8, Indonesia: 4th Contest, Silver #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

'Car Non-polluting Resources' by Sheena Yap Xing Yee, Aged 15, Malaysia: 4th Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar

'Car Powered by Manure Bioenergy' by Risang Dewandaru, Aged 8, Indonesia: 3rd Contest, Bronze #KidsArt #ToyotaDreamCar