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Forked tongues, vampire teeth and tattooed eyeballs... More stomach-churning pictures from tattoo expo where extreme body modification takes place as you watch Tattoo and body mod enthusiasts are in Caracas for an international event. It's the show which celebrates some of the most extreme body modification imaginable… and should you be uncomfortable with having your eyeball tattooed then look away now. These unsettling pictures show in excruciating close-up every detail of the process…

17 Diagrams That Will Help You Draw (Almost) Anything

How to draw eyes--THE END RESULT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


'They are 50 per cent of who I am': The woman addicted to growing her toenails - even though it is risking her health

A woman who was once addicted to growing the nails on her hands has now grown her toenails to a staggering four inches

body-mod-universe: Sasha san


MERCURY-MAEDA-BLOG --I used to follow her on tumblr!

いつでも投稿、自由にカスタマイズ、お気に入りのブログを見つけてフォローしよう。 自分だけのTumblrブログを今すぐ作ろう! - We collect photos of the ugliest people in the world. We probably hold the Internet's largest collection of ugly people.