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Contino x Matix - Jon Contino, Alphastructaesthetitologist

"One of Contino‘s latest projects and by far my favorite. It’s his usual style but pushed to perfection. A beautiful collaboration between Jon and Matix Clothing." Jon Contino @Jon Contino

“I still believe in heroes.” S.H.I.E.L.D., The Avengers (2012)

Neil Tasker

Pint Pedal pt. IV by J Fletcher Design | SerialThriller™

works : Hisazumi design

Nike VCXC - Jon Contino, Alphastructaesthetitologist

hotel kanra kyoto V.I. + sign design credit : produce, brand concept, architecture and interior design: UDS Ltd. creative direction and art direction: shun kawakami, artless Inc. art direction and design: kazuki kaneko, artless Inc. design: shinsaku iwatachi, artless Inc. symbol design: emmi narasaki, Styledesignworks photographer: yuu kawakami, artless Inc. client: hotel kanra kyoto, UDS Ltd.

I found this logo and I like it because of the nostalgic feel of it. I don't know if it is a personal preference or not, but I like companies that try to use an old fashion theme. Especially when it is a service that existed back then.