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Captain Scarlet | Delta Tango 19

judith shutt paints out wires

Anatomy of a kaiju. 9時間前にhumungusからリブログ 38リアクション


Captain Scarlet, probably the best of Gerry Andersons creations being darker than the likes of Thunderbirds as well as Terrahawks which followed.


ラクメキアそーさい/新井博之助 on


Graham Bleathman is probably best known for his cutaways (cross-sections). He has always been inspired by this type of artwork and he was especially delighted when he was approached by Alan Fennell in the early 1990s to create new cutaways for the Thunderbirds Comic. At the time, Graham was producing cutaway artwork for the Bristol Evening Post newspaper on a variety of topics from Formula 1 cars to Cathedrals.

Fireflash large-scale tail fin, from 'Thunderbirds' (1965 /1966) by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (AP Films)