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H SL7 A comment on the H SLB 2000 mentioned that there was a hunting rifle that looked like the G43. The SL7 was basically H’s attempt to make the G3 into a hunting rifle. It doesn’t use the G3’s magazines but has the same roller-delayed system along with the front and rear sights. Also no longer in production. It bears a very heavy resemblance to the G43; whether or not H did this as a historic nod to German firearm history is unclear.

HK G3SG1 A variant of the G3, the G3SG1 is sort of a bridge between the standard rifle and the MSG90 and PSG1. They start off as hand selected G3’s from the factory after accuracy testing, then are...

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H SLB 2000 Although more famous for their tactical firearms, H did produce a short line of civilian hunting rifles for the European and U.S market. The SLB 2000 is a semi-auto rifle that can come chambered in .308, 30-06 and .300 Win Mag. Uses 2 or 5 or 10 round detachable magazines. The 2 rounder sits flush with the receiver, the 5 and 10 extended a little further out. No longer in production, spare parts and magazines are difficult to find.


tacticalspookybadger: oa-ar15: a Automatic

Automatic Crossbow Prototype

hk g3 cleaning mat | How to disassemble the G3 rifle for cleaning in 8 easy steps.

HK G3 scoped with CETME type wood furniture, reproduction FG42 German paratrooper rifle, & FN FAL with unusual wood furniture.

H&K SG3 & G3 7.62mm Assault-Rifles.