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H SL7 A comment on the H SLB 2000 mentioned that there was a hunting rifle that looked like the G43. The SL7 was basically H’s attempt to make the G3 into a hunting rifle. It doesn’t use the G3’s magazines but has the same roller-delayed system along with the front and rear sights. Also no longer in production. It bears a very heavy resemblance to the G43; whether or not H did this as a historic nod to German firearm history is unclear.

Springfield M1903A4 (sniper) Rifle with a M84 Scope - An American clip-loaded, 5-shot, bolt-action service rifle used primarily during the first half of the 20th century. After Korean War, some numbers of them remained in USMC sniper use as late as the Vietnam War.

Para Ordnance Warthog with Hogue #gun #guns #rifle #m4 #ar15 #229 #rounds #clip #bolt #laser #scope #carbine #guns #gun #handguns #rifles #bullets #hunting #gunsandhunting

Greek Sar 3

tacticalspookybadger: oa-ar15: a Automatic

Automatic Crossbow Prototype

Yuri Custom Works

Nice Lee Enfeild setup

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