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MAUSER WAFFENFABRIK OBERNDORF 7.65 SEMI-AUTO With very rare extra bbl chambered in 4mm.

the 38 special semi auto pistol (smith and wesson model 52) ... the answer to a question nobody asked

H&K MK23 Socom Pistol, AKA "The Hogleg" for it's massive size.

Rare Japanese percussion pistol with three brass/bronze barrels, late Edo period to Meiji period.

Mauser M712 Broomhandle; also called the "Schnellfeuer", or Model 1932.

Western Arms Colt Government, GBB Airsoft

Johnson Rifle - Not as well known as the Garand, the Johnson semi-automatic rifle offered a 10-round magazine (2 more than the M1) and could be “topped off” with stripper clips. The Johnson saw limited use by the U.S. Marine Corps in the early Pacific campaign. One drawback was its short-recoil action and reciprocating barrel, limiting the weight of any issue bayonet.

Yuri Custom Works

The M91 Carcano Cavalry Carbine. This is an actual carbine that was adopted for Italian cavalry in 1893, and used by commando’s, artillery crewman, and rear eschellon troops up to and including World War II. Chambered in 6.5mm Carcano, they are a short, light, carbine version of the Carcano bolt action rifle. Weighing only 6 pounds and with an overall length of 36 inches, it is light and compact. It also has a mounted folding bayonet.