Vintage photo of a beautiful girl

Very pretty vintage photo of Lily Elsie (1886-1962) - a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era, best known for her starring role in the hit London premiere of Franz Lehár's operetta The Merry Widow.

Things to do by the age of 40: Change careers at least once. Do something “crazy.” Be glamorous. Chase a dream. Travel. Step out of our comfort zone. Tell someone exactly how you feel.

1910..Lovely Edwardian Lady with Grapes in Hair..original british postcard

Vintage French Postcard ~ Little Girl w/ Clown.Famous model

This is a great example of what I go for with my black and white photos. Love this look!

Spring is here! Flower headbands are a must! #style

Lily Elsie, the most photographed woman of Edwardian times... "Everyone agrees that Lily Elsie has the most kissable mouth in all England... she possesses the Cupid's bow outline with the ends curving upward delicately, all ready for smiles.... Strangely enough, the women of the land were among her most devoted admirers." - Lily Elsie Recalls her Renunciation", Atlanta Constitution, 21 November 1915

at the beach | 1925

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