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Japanese Breakfast Meals (Fish, Tofu, Egg, Rich Veggies, Rice and Miso Soup)|和朝食 ------ 和食を作れるように

Bento Idea: Tamagoyaki Egg Omelete Apple (Japanese Kanikama Surimi Fish Stick, Half Green Bean, Black Sesame Seed)

奥様たちが思わず吹いたネコ画像・動画集 その2

Taiyaki, Japanese fish-shaped pancake filled with red bean paste たい焼き 今直ぐ食べたいd(^_^o)

(ホテルか旅館の)豪華な朝食。。。 Typical Japanese Breakfast (Grilled Saba Mackerel, Egg Roll, Oshinko Japanese Pickles, Brown Rice, Mushroom and Green Onion Miso Soup)

Traditional and Healthy Japanese Breakfast Meals (Grilled Fish, Egg Roll, Cooked or Pickled Veggies, Rice and Miso-shiru Soup) / 和定食(窯炊きごはん、焼き魚、煮物、お漬物、お味噌汁)


asia Funazushi: a traditional food in Shiga prefecture in Japan. The packaging looks like fish net and scales, and the handle is shaped like a fin. structure 3D expandable

La Cantine canned fish by GK Graphics. Pin curate by SFields99. 磁器のような質感を上手く再現している。 缶詰とは思えない上質さ。ラベルのデザインもかわいらしい。

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