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Muscular Guy Standing Still by comicReference



Vrksasana: Tree Pose Loved and pinned by to our community Pinterest boards.

The role of the gluteus medius during activities such as walking and running is to dynamically stabilize the pelvis in a neutral position during single leg stance. As you can see in the photo below, weakness of the right gluteus medius will cause the left hip to drop when standing on the right limb.そのようなウォーキングランニングなどの活動中に中殿筋の役割は動的に片足のスタンスの間に中立位置に骨盤を安定化させることである。あなたは下の写真で見ることができるように、右の中殿筋の弱さは、右の手足の上に立ったときに、左腰が落ちてしまいます。

Female Skull


Yekaterina Shalkina #"Le Sacre du Printemps" #Béjart Ballet, Lausanne...

Taylor Gannon photographed by Corey Goodyear. This male pose is perfect reference for many things. At first I saw a satyr standing on his hooves crouched and mystical, but then I saw a gargoyle perched atop a roof. So many good ideas in this one.