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Casually confuses friend.

So, I did my makeup to look like a dude. XD Because me and my friends are going to dress up as the opposite gender last week of school

Had to cover their faces for safety reasons. Either way, here's the selfie with a llama my friend took.


Eren Jager. ^^ (Sorry for crappy lighting XD

NO REPINS! Guys I am so proud if myself. XD I plan to color this and shading and all that. This is the sketch. Jeanmarco forever.

"Boring. Seen it. Seen it. Nope. DEFINITELY not. Uggh, nothing's on." I groan, mindlessly scrolling through the channels. "Guess I'll tune in on the news..." I mutter, flipping to the channel and tossing the remote aside. "Reports of mass homicide has been reported throughout Boston. They say the victim would have bite marks, and various scratches on their body. It might be a cannib-" 'BOOM' I jump, hearing an explosion. Boston wasn't too far from here. Shit. I jump up, hurrying to the…

Copic marker used as eye liner, easy to apply with brush tip, long lasting, and very easy to take off, (I only used water to get it off)

Öcüvä beaten. This is also a shout out for all victims of rape. Instead of teaching men/women to be ashamed of our bodies and to cover up, we should be teaching our young men and women to control themselves. If a dog can be trained to not touch something unless they are allowed, so can we...or are we no better than animals? (Art by Hadrah Foresworn)