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jjr tolkien (hayat ağacı ) dövmesi

COOL! Possible the best use of white ink. White Tree of Gondor in white ink.

坂井直樹の”デザインの深読み”: gifではないが動いているように見えるグラフィックは、モアレパターンで巧みに描かれたコアラなどの動物。

White lace tattoo - murielzaotattoo @ Instagram Web Interface - 5th village

Today in the middle of the afternoon two young dear were standing in my yard looking confused. I think it was because they had already eaten all the flowers and wondered where they had gone.


If I'd ever get a tattoo it would most likely be a white ink one and this is the very first white ink tattoo that I really like!

Ces Nouveaux Tatouages à l'Encre Blanche qui font Fureur !

白インクの入れ墨,小さな星のタトゥー,白タトゥーのアイデア,黒と白の入れ墨,黒インク,オリオンの入れ墨,タトゥー星,大,Small Tattoo White Ink

white ink ouroboros

with quote- to my children I wish two things, to give you roots and give you wings