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Caswell Laddie Boy c. 1922

Laddie, with his birthday cake.

撮ろうとしてもなかなか撮れない、まさに“奇跡の瞬間”をとらえた画像をご紹介。 ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!! 無防備な大統領 何も知らない右の人と、事態が飲み込めていない左の人 こわい・・・ 気をつけろー!全部吸われるぞー!! おばあちゃんwwww よりによって・・・

Autobiography of Laddie Boy Unleashed The evening world., March 06, 1922, Final Edition, Page 19

Lillian Gatlin and Laddie Boy c. 1922

Laddie Boy in Clay c. 1923

Laddie Boy, stands with female pilot Harris & Ewing, photographer 1922

Date based on the date of President Harding's death, which inspired the commissioning of the sculpture of Laddie Boy. Laddie Boy sculpture at the Smithsonian Institution, not before 1923 / unidentified photographer.

Man with Laddie Boy? White House, Washington, D.C Harris & Ewing, photographer 1921 or 1922