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Saw this on Instagram awhile ago. So I'm gonna do it. I'll post it on a few of my boards. I want to draw a crap ton of chicks >:3 bring it on.

Gonna do this maybe. Looks cool :3

Just a drawing of Katara, by me :3

みっちりねこマーチ - MitchiriNeko March

22 Struggles All Curvy Girls Know To Be True



Got bored and made a profilr pic drawing of a therizinosaurus...yeah if u wish to use it plz comment below thx! - CatLover201

Thought it be cool to show how I start my drawings :D mostly for Paris Moryski :3

For 19B4A13 Ebony's Oc Awesomeness challenge :3 lol Tanners like 'Germs!' and Daggers like 'how dare you'