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love these lyrics, but especially the placement of these tattoos... beautiful


Ayaka Suda Illustration

背骨の入れ墨の引用符,書籍の引用の入れ墨,タトゥー,書籍の恋人のタトゥー,タトゥーとピアス,書籍の引用符,習慣,スタッフ,Book Tattoo Ideas Quotes


Beautiful idea and bold placement. I don't think I could pull it off but it's a great tattoo none the less.

Celtic Knots and Their Meanings | ... meanings worked into a heart, a chain, or even a Celtic knot


Quote on Canvas: "She Believed She Could So She Did" Quote Art / Prints on Canvas

true story. This would be great for a parent to do for their kid and have the words overlaying images of milestones in their lives, showcasing all they've done because they believed in themselves

Tree lower back tattoo.

I want a tattoo here I love this placement