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MUAHAHA!!! (evil laugh) I'm numba 15, peoples!! Nursing for the win. But seriously, geology seems like it would not be on this list......

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The Freshman Fifteen…Things You Didn’t Know You’ll Need

Alright chickadees, I'm back with a vengeance. The swelling's reducing, the headache's retreating...a few more days and I'll be able to put this whole wisdom teeth thing behind me. It's been one ro...

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118 ways to save money in college

Questions to ask an interviewer…


How to Keep Your Faith in College

How to make time for Jesus in college and beyond. Tips for balancing college life and religious life

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Time Management

I really need to implement these! One of the tips: "If you're going to waste time (surf internet, Pinterest, etc.), do it at the end of the day. Save it for a reward for accomplishing what you need to do"


6 Online Jobs for College Students

6 online jobs for college students (or anyone) - some good ideas here