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Seven Years of Grace: The Inspired Mission of Achsa W. Sprague (Paperback)

In November 1852, a shy and sickly young spinster in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, glimpses a blinding rush of angel wings. Restored to health and given an urgent mission by these guardians, she embraces t

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レッドブルの「凄い写真コンテスト TOP250」が本当に凄かった。冒険とスポーツの選りすぐり20作品


Writer Unboxed » Write Like a Comparative Mythologist

Underneath this reality in which we live and have our being, another and altogether different reality lies concealed...~ Friedrich Nietzsche

“Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.” ― D.T. Suzuki

Guided Meditation for Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences Brainwave Mind Voyages - YouTube

from Sayaka Ouhito #animation #illustration

11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times - YouTube.... she stated the only fear she has was people around her don't know how to fight back, they lack hope and they are full of fears one by one people around her will disappear, the question she said how do I train everyone to be like me and not loose a soul at the same time .