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超實用!比開洗衣店還專業洗衣小技巧!洗衣成就感200%!快快分享! - COCO大马站

How to clean white clothing?

Here are some very clever DIY Cleaning Ideas that may just get you out of a messy situation. Some of these cleaning ideas are new experiments but some have been used for years. Learn how you can clean your shower, remove carpet stains, create your own wrinkle release solution and spray and best of all get rid of armpit stains. The best news for these DIY cleaning ideas is they are cheaper than buying from the store and work even better.

The Best Upholstery and Carpet Stain Remover A spill can happen quickly, and when it does time is of the essence. Plus, even if you are fortunate enough not to actually spill something, general dirt and dust can accumulate as part of normal use. This amazing Upholstery and Carpet Stain Remover Recip…

眾所周知,香蕉好吃且營養豐富,但是香蕉皮也是寶貝哦!它的妙用你知道嗎?運用香蕉皮的神奇功效,讓它化廢為寶。 1、香蕉皮可以用來擦拭皮鞋、皮衣 香蕉皮可以用來擦拭皮鞋、皮衣、皮製沙發等,有長保皮製品光澤、延長皮製品「壽命」的作用。 2、香蕉皮有催熟的作用 香蕉皮有催熟的作用,可以同要催熟的水果放在

Boil vinegar in charred pot 快學起來吧!!


Clean Your Cutting Board Naturally


【瘋傳】 一定要看!蔬果農藥殘留真的很可怕!教您2分鐘去掉農藥...

愛穿白衣服的人快收!太實用了,好幾件衣服都泛黃,總以為是沒洗乾淨!現在終於知道了 LIFE生活網