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라이프 큐레이터 - 데코 & 푸드

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blue and white Japanese plates ::: KOMON (family crest)

음식의 맛과 담음새에 품격을 더하는 전통 그릇 6가지

Celadon ewer with lotus scroll design. 13th century Korean, Goryeo Dynasty Honolulu Museum of Art

여름 전통 소재를 탐하다 : 라이프 매거진


長く愛用できる、1200枚の商用可パターンテクスチャコレクション「The Colossal Textures and Patterns Bundle


Australian brand "attia" stoneware wood pieces. "Calm and considered shapes that hale from humble origins, attia promotes living with a simple yet chic palette using multifunctional pieces to inspire natural beauty at the table."

Reminds me of a quiet house on a friday night. I love it:)