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■■■会津若松市立行仁小学校/2年生/女の子■■■ 【作品タイトル】たのしかったにし会づのキャンプ【伝えたい事】にし会づでキャンプをしたとき、とてもたのしかったです。山や田んぼなどしぜんがたくさんあって、あかつめ草もさいていました。とくに虫とりをして、かえるをつかまえたのがたのしかったです。

♀ My HIGHLY Advanced Nubian Fujiyama Academic [FA = Fante Asafo] Art 2 Inner Earth’s Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] Ultra Violet Black Radiation [RA] Energies of Fukushima… BEE So Undeniable Scientific [U.S.] 2 My Labyrinth Mental of Unexplored Khemistry [U.K.] Technology Intel that Radioactively Stimulate My INNER Volcanic Ash Bloodlines of African ISIS [VENUS]… now watch Me [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell = TUT] Astrally Project Myself ALL HIGH UP IN THA’ SKIES… Over Celestial Atlantis [CA]…

PRE-IDENTITY vs POST-IDENTITY Architecture for renovating Fukushima Master in Architecture - Kengo Kuma studio Winter 2013 - 東京大学 The University of Tokyo Exhibited in Space 222 DUE 2014 - Tokyo, Japan · Project description A massive change of scale...

Modular branched stations network - inter-urban mobility infrastructure for Fukushima Construction and building technology lab - UNIT Alberto Ballarin Winter 2014 - ETSAM School of Architecture · Project description Development of a modular...





Soma Nomaoi Festival in Fukushima, Japan: Protected in armor, 500 or more Samurai race around the field, creating a stirring battle scene. This festival started over 1000 years ago.


Poliform presents Bristol, design by Jean-Marie Massaud

Lym Poliform,Poliformソファ,Poliform 2014,Poliformリビングルーム,Poliform家具,Poliformバレンナ,Minotti,されるように,家具

Kengo Kuma in collaboration with FUJISATO MOKKOU, Iwate Prefecture, MEBAE KOUSHA, Fukushima Prefecture and BALS for Ejp (East Japan Project) called The Chidori Furniture.