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Rainy season (Tsuyu: #梅雨 ) is an interesting time of year. On the one hand it’s most often raining! But on the flip side, the Hydrangea’s (Ajisai) are in full bloom, and everything else is beautifully lush and green.

Small shop in Sagano, Arashiyama, with a small inner garden during the autumn season.

鎌倉妙法寺 #緑 #Green #Kamakura

The 13 stone pagoda (sekitō-石塔) and two story pagoda at the Shōbō-ji (正法寺) During the #Autumn Season of 2013 in #Kyoto!



The main hall of the Ōharano Shrine (大原野神社) During the Autumn Season of 2013 in Kyoto!

Firefly(蛍), Hiroshima, Japan

The two story pagoda at the Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji (永観堂禅林寺) during the autumn season of 2013 in Kyoto!

FIREFLIES /ひと夏の恋・金ボタルの輝き

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji (愛宕念仏寺) during the autumn season of 2013 in Ukyō-ku, Kyoto. On the left the Hondo, in the middle the Furei Kannon Hall and on the far right the Hoyoke Jizo Bosatsu hall and of course the many mysterious Rakan (石像千二百羅漢) silently waiting in the autumn air.