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This is actually a manipulated photograph, but I have always been partial to the linear quality of circuit boards so I slipped this image into the drawing folio . . .


starsfive: elyssis: disconnecticut: (via

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アニメ シドニアの騎士 UI, GUI, Original Font Design

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wiremuse: Rotated style frame from Bank

There's some good dimensionality (depth) to this #scifi UI. White on black for simplicity with some red accents.

マビノギデュエル G1:ファルーカの帝王 | ゲームUIブログ

The Art Of Sanbonzakura

【目を合わせないようにご注意ください】キュン死しかねない、フクロウの赤ちゃん | ひらめき箱