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The devil knew when to look attractive, and Ted Bundy was handsome, cultured, and charming. He was strangling and mutilating his victims, displaying their lopped off heads in his apartment, having sex with the corpses, until putrefaction made it unbearable. Then he was simply the devil. By 1989 he was executed in the electric chair at age 43. He confessed to 30 murders, but there were possible at least 4 more. He was an insatiable killer, and a law student who began killing at 14.

Henry Lee Lucas is said to have been the prolific killer in America, who at one point confessed to 600 deaths. He is known to have killed at least 3 people for certain, but was eventually convicted for 11.The other evidence against him wasn’t exactly clear cut, and it seems as though many unsolved murders were attributed to the man.

mug shot Walter Smith

John Dillinger

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Charles Milles Manson 1969

Ted Bundy — who doesn’t know that name? Kids growing up today have no idea who he even was, but the name itself is still part of our everyday vocabulary as a name for potential murderers and dangerous psychotics. He spent four years on a killing spree that cost at least 29 people their lives, with an upper ceiling of possibly 100. The guy was really sick, too; not only did he kill his victims in the most violent way he could manage at the time, but he didn’t care whether they were alive or…

A remarkable vintage Japanese postcard image

Bob Berdella is a serial killer who kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered men.

Auguste and Louis Lumière, the first filmmakers in history, 1914

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