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A modular shelving system made up of wooden ladders furnish the interior of this maternity clothing store in Barcelona

Situated in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, this office take inspiration from the animated film and visualisation work produced by Squint/Opera.



Industrial pipe hand towel rack with wood shelf

Marais 瑪黑家居選物 - 【 DIY 假 日 習 作 : 工 業 風 鐵 管 篇 】 上次的棧板 DIY...

Katsutoshi Sasaki's House in Yamanote features sleeping platforms raised over an indoor terrace


Theory Jiyugaoka

Theory Store | Tokyo, Japan

A series of hinged brass mirrors that look like butterflies when mounted on a wall by Japanese designer Morie Nishimura


“機能としてのカフェ”を体現したオフィス|【Vol.2 カフェ・カンパニー】おしゃれなオフィスを覗き見! クリエイターの仕事場

【ELLE】“機能としてのカフェ”を体現したオフィス|【Vol.2 カフェ・カンパニー】おしゃれなオフィスを覗き見! クリエイターの仕事場|エル・オンライン

cool store front