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Kinde are demon half-breeds that can shift into an animal. The markings of the Legion Army they serve in Khaos can be seen on their human form skin.eye hole. Since the battle, the knight has not been seen without his armor. Some say he refuses to take it off to cover the scar that marks his shame. Some say he is honoring his defeated foe. And there are those who say it is no longer the eye of a man who peaks through the helm, but that of something far more sinister.

日本刀と女の子特集【第1弾】【武器娘シリーズ】 - pixiv Spotlight


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小さい fille violet terre

「構図」は絵画の基本です! シーンに適した構図をとるのは、よいイラストを描くための必須条件になります。今回は、そんな構図を上手く用いた、お手本のようなイラストをご紹介します。

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