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"Why, I can smile, and murther whiles I smile, And cry "Content" to that which grieves my heart, And wet my cheeks with artificial tears, And frame my face to all occasions. I'll drown more sailors than the mermaid shall, I'll slay more gazers than the basilisk, I'll play the orator as well as Nestor, Deceive more slily than Ulysses could, And like a Simon, take another Troy. I can add colors to the chameleon, Change shapes with Proteus for advantages, And set the murtherous Machevil to…

I don't know which side of him I prefer: darling & innocent or dark and broken.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock behind the scenes. Haha this is great

Are the dolma? Ancient sorcerous of the Calderon of.... (Colin): aldian rock? Yes I am! Hahaha love the bloopers!

Adam Ackland on

"Muggin' for the camera. (training for Palace to Palace charity bike ride - 2012)" - Yet another reason to love him. :)

I love the episodes when he's old, the things he gets to say to Arthur that he wouldn't otherwise lol.

Merlin. XD

I love this picture so much. Their expressions sums-up their relationship so well!!!! Lol!

Well at least you're pretty, Arthur.

Merlin Official on

Colin and cosplayers :)