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"Port engine back one third, left full rudder!"

Sideshow Barker (1938) #Russell Lee

Well hello sailor... They look uncomfortable... can I remove them for you?

ピンもと:Gay Activist

Suicide and the gay community

こんにちは船員,船員ネイビー,ヴィンテージ船員,ヴィンテージレズビアン,ヴィンテージ男性,日本のヴィンテージ,プロジェクト,子供,Gay Sailors

Oh, there's not much to tell. I served in the Ninth Iowa Infantry. That's where I met Frankie...Frank. I mean, Mr. Greerson. We were discharged almost a year go, July of last year, and stayed with my mother over the winter. And then we came here. That's about it.

Thomas took the risk, for this afternoon he could be free with the one he loved. A keepsake of a forgotten time, as society dictated the route of marriage and conformity.