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Vajrapani Gandhara

Vajrapani Gandhara

パキスタン・ガンダーラ クシャーン朝・2世紀 国立博物館東洋館

In Photos: An Ancient Buddhist Monastery

A reclining Buddha, whose feet are still visible, that is located at the Tepe Kafiriat monastery. The artistry at the site would have been very rich in ancient times.

Buddhist art

Hariti, Gandhara

the detail of wooden Nio statue of Zenko-ji temple in Nagano, Japan. Made by Koun TAKAMURA (1852-1934) and Unkai YONEKURA (1869-1925)

Group from the Kushan excavation site Hadda at the Khyber pass near Jalabad in Afganistan. Kushans were descendants of the Yuezhi, so it is likely that this is how Yuezhi looked like.

buddharoutes: Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Vajrapani Gandhara