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Beginner Project #8 Bulky Front by Diana Sullivan

This is a knitting pattern written in Japanese but the basic construction is easily hacked. Knit your own rectangles or this could easily be adapted as a way to upcycle old sweaters--felt wool sweater(s) then cut and join rectangles as shown. Could use store bought bag handles or stitch handle from additional felted sweater fabric, maybe around upholstery cording.

меро lugaa: Типс & трюки: Knopflöcher в einer italienischen обманка - бутоньерки в итальянской группой

Four different patterns to knit - free Japanese diagrams pdf

Урок вязания на машине. Кеттлевка в карман на однофонтурной машине. Урок от ale_ks_a.


Lesson 18 Short Row Shoulder #1 Diana Sullivan. Lesson 19 method used in the Take a Turn sweater. This is another method that does not involve wrapping the stitch.

бахрома на машине

DIana Sullivan: Lesson 15 Transfer Bind Off Holey Edge - YouTube